About us

Railroad Glory Days has four manifestations:

  • A Facebook page for discussions, photo sharing and briefer stories and announcements.
  • A similar Google+ page also for discussions, photo sharing and briefer stories and announcements.
  • RailroadGloryDays.com a free, on-line magazine which may be found here: http://RailroadGloryDays.com/. These articles are mostly my own work and are composed in html.
  • RailroadGloryDays.net a new WordPress page where photo essays about the glory days of railroading may be quickly and easily published.

What were the “railroad glory days”?

Well, for me the real glory days were the late nineteenth century when railroading was still the biggest and most dynamic industry ever know to man. But practically, for purposes of this little web magazine, they are often more recent: the last vestiges of the old ways things were done — things we were around to witness and to photograph: the late days of steam, passenger trains, interurbans, train orders, telegraph, and real narrow gauge railroading. We will include a few visits to abandoned lines and restored or still operating “heritage railways” and equipment.


Good submissions are welcome on RailroadGloryDays.net, but here are a few guidelines:

• Please do not post if copyright ownership is in question, and if the image or writing is not yours, please give credit the photographer, artist or writer. When this information is old and not available, please at least credit the source.
• RRGD has become an international site, so don’t assume the reader knows your area or its railways.
• Exceptional photography and good text are especially welcome. Our goal is to make RRGD not just a website for pretty pictures, but also of good stories, solid research, and a good dollop of railway archaeology.


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